SJL reminded there is a war going on!

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This is an interesting article. State lawmaker Pete Olson, Rep. Michael McCaul and our favorite, Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee toured Guantanamo Prison. According to the Chronicle article they were all “given chills”. More evidence that our government is behind:

…Mohammed appeared every bit as bent on America’s destruction as the day he orchestrated the synchronized suicide attacks against the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington.

They’ve been saying this for years; our elected representatives finally just now got the message!

What did our elected representatives have to say?

“It was eerie, kind of spooky, and it exuded evil to me,” said [Michael] McCaul, a Republican whose congressional district stretches from Houston suburbs to Austin.

Good! Our elected representatives need to see this kind of evil face to face if they want to fight it!

[Pete] Olson, a Republican and former Navy pilot, said it was “an eye-opening experience” to see the American-educated Muhammad and other senior al-Qaida leaders awaiting military tribunals.

The best one yet:

“I was riveted,” said Jackson Lee, a Democrat. “It became very, very real and sobering to me that our task dealing with terrorism is still ongoing.”

Is she serious? I guess all those times she was jumping in front of a camera or trying to get hurricane names changed to be more racially diverse she forgot there was a war on terror going on.

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