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Failed Harris County DA candidate and former HPD police chief Clarence Bradford apparently came out of hiding long enough today to announce that he’s running for City Council. Here is an excerpt from Alan Bernstein’s reporting for the Chronicle:

Less than four months after losing a close race for Harris County district attorney, former Houston Police Chief C.O. Bradford announced today that he is running for an at-large seat on the city council.

Clarence Bradford

Bradford is aiming for the at-large #4 seat being vacated by Ronald Green, who is running for controller.


Bradford, a lawyer and security consultant, indicated in a written statement to news media that he is launching his second candidacy in two years because he wants to serve the public again.


Bradford served as police chief from 1997 to 2003, when he retired amid a series of controversies such as errors and faked results by police crime lab personnel.

Oops, never mind. Apparently, Clarence Bradford remains in hiding. And honestly, if I were his campaign advisor, that’s probably exactly where I would keep him. Otherwise, he might have to answer questions about his mismanagement of the HPD Crime Lab during those halcyon days known as the Lee Brown era (or more appropriately, error) in Houston politics.

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