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We comment on local media quite a bit on the blog, so readers have probably been wondering about the deafening silence on the big layoffs at the Chronicle.

Frankly, what was there to say in the middle of the carnage?

When ninetysomething journalists get whacked in one day at the biggest news organization in town, and countless more support staff are fired the next day, your community almost certainly is not the better for it. So out of respect to the many journalists at the Chronicle who were literally walking on eggshells as lives were being upended, we decided not to engage in running gossip on the blog about who may have gotten the axe, the corrections that inevitably follow from such speculation, and generally crass rumormongering.

So, for now it’s done. Some dead weight was cleared (and much more was not), but many more journalists who did good work are now gone. Our best wishes go out to everyone who lost their jobs during these tough times.

And our best wishes also go out to the folks left at 801 Texas Avenue, who somehow have to reconcile the oversized, overpromising “vision” of diminutive editor Jeff Cohen (who apparently stayed hidden in his office during the carnage) with the pint-size resources he’s given them to accomplish the “vision,” all while knowing that quality work is probably not as important a factor in job security at the Chronicle these days as being one of Cohen’s pets.

But what do I know? Please become a part of the conversation in the forum.

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