Chief Hurtt announces more crimefighting by acronym

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Chief Hurtt has broken out an excellent crimefighting acronym on his blog:

To combat the drunk driving problem in the city of Houston, HPD is acquiring six Breath Alcohol Testing (B.A.T.) vans to be used as mobile Intoxilyzer units for the processing of DWI suspects.

The first B.A.T. van, completed at the end of 2008, was used as a working prototype and is equipped with a suspect holding area as well as a breathalyzer, an Intoxilizer, and computers for officers to write the arrest report, run background checks, file charges and process the suspect.


The existing B.A.T. van has already been used in joint task force operations, as a back-up during the renovation of the Central Police Station’s Intoxilyzer facility, and in conjunction with the Aggressive Driving Enforcement Program and the DWI overtime programs.

This question has to be asked: Will the B.A.T. Van respond to the B.A.T. Signal.

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