A most curious omission in the news

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Friday afternoon, Rorschach, Royko, and I, plus who knows how many other blogHOUSTON regulars made our way, singly or in groups, to a little park near the George R. Brown Convention Center. Nary a hobo was in sight, but there were thousands of other people celebrating the Fourth a day early by telling their elected officials to take a hike.

Most people were sensible enough to set up under the trees to either side, leaving the center of the field empty until the sun hid behind buildings. HPD put the attendance at around 6,000 — which, given the 102-degree heat and lack of fireworks, was just amazing. But last night, I noticed a most curious thing, while looking for news about the tea party.

There wasn’t any.

Chron.com: Two articles on Cornyn getting booed at the SouthFork tea party, one was from the AP.
KHOU: No mention of tea parties
KPRC: No mention of tea parties
KTRK: No mention of tea parties
Fox26: No mention of tea parties

Plenty of stories about the loser who choked his son with a chain, Whacko Jacko, the guy who leaped from I-45… but not a thing about 6,000 people getting together in the hottest part of the day to protest the direction of their government.

Pravda means Truth, comrade.

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