The Chron resumes its sanctuary city advocacy

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FORMER MAYOR BILL WHITE NEVER ALLOWED a public Council debate over a past police chief’s unilateral implementation of sanctuary city status.

When the issue occasionally came up during the White era, proponents of sanctuary status would all assert that it was imperative never to debate this policy decision made in 1992 by an unelected official, lest illegal immigrants stop talking to the police.

Perhaps for the benefit of our new mayor, America’s worst big-city daily has rolled out a story asserting that illegal immigrants here have stopped talking to authorities, due to the 287(g) jail screening program. Hard to see that one coming, huh?

Cory Crow properly deems this advocacy journalism, because it doesn’t even attempt balance, instead selectively quoting “immigrant advocates” to assert what the story-tellers (journalists would be a stretch) want to assert. Why can’t they confine this editorializing to the opinion section, and have journalists go gather/report some actual news?

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