Your money: A new $2.3 million soap box derby park!

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THE CHRONICLE’S CHRIS MORAN writes about Steve Radack’s new $2.3 million soap box derby park.

We are fairly green conservative types here at the little blog, and we like public parks, but I can’t come up with any great defense of this one. Knock yourself out in the comments if you can help clarify our thinking on what seems like an expensive boondoggle on its face.

Incidentally, the article points out that Radack’s original vision had a pricetag of $300,000. We wish Chron scribes were as diligent in pointing out METRO rail’s escalating costs! But kudos to Moran for noting the great power commissioners wield in spending on boutique parks (and other boondoggles).

UPDATE: Cory Crow writes this.

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