Chron star section apologizes for unfunny joke

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AMERICA’S WORST BIG CITY DAILY was forced to run a correction today after a joke* in MeMo‘s Star section missed the mark:

AS April Fools’ Day approaches, we called psychologist Muriel Meicler to see if she could think of some pranks or practical jokes that parents might play on their kids. “I might sound like an old sourpuss,” Meicler said, “but I’ve never been a fan of those jokes. The purpose is to make the recipient look stupid, silly, gullible. It’s humor at the expense of somebody else’s feelings. So no, I don’t encourage April Fools’ jokes for children or even adults. Nobody likes to be laughed at.” We should have called her earlier. Tuesday we ran a short list of possible parent-on-child pranks.

No. 3 was this: Tell the kids they were adopted and now their birth mothers want them back.

Many readers have let us know how unfunny and inappropriate that advice was.

We don’t have a link because that elaboration on a teaser correction isn’t to be found on; we pulled it from the e-edition.

Back when the Chronicle actually had a reader representative who wrote a regular column, MeMo‘s horrible Star section regularly was in the crosshairs. It’s not improved since then.

That description is the newspaper’s. Many readers might well have difficulty distinguishing the types of content in the section.

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