Sports Authority default? No worries!

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The Houston Chronicle print and e-editions (but not reported today that the Houston Sports Authority still runs the risk of defaulting.

Here is the lede:

The agency created to finance Houston’s professional sports stadiums soon may face a $27 million obligation that would halve its reserves and could push it closer to default (Mike Morris, “Sports Authority at risk of debt default,” Houston Chronicle).

Executive Director Janis Schmees told the Chronicle that neither a missed payment nor a default should worry the “average citizen or sports fan.”

Spokesman Mustafa Tameez also told the Chronicle there are no worries.

Lots of other people are quoted saying really, there are no worries. So there you go.

We understand this withheld public-interest story should make it to sometime Thursday.

Incidentally, this is the same newspaper that just ran an editorial insisting that school boards continue to spend exorbitant amounts of money to run public notices in the newspaper (last year, HISD, Spring Branch ISD, and Cy-Fair ISD alone spent $400,000 with the Chronicle, according to Matt Bramanti’s research, although he did not break out how much of that was for public notices*) . Because, you know, they’re into serving the public interest and all with their journalism. *wink*

* Edited after posting to include that italicized caveat for clarity.

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