Bloated transit agency’s “dream team” police force to become “more pro-active”

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  • Assistant MPD Chief Makes Dream Team – Write On METRO
  • With his new assistant chief in place, Rodriguez said they’re a “dream team on par with any agency. I’m pretty happy. I’ve got the man I want, and it’s a very good day for METRO.”

    Rodriguez said Goralski will help transition the agency into a more pro-active one.


    Goralski will be leading a force of 190 police officers.

    Just a few questions come to mind:

    1) Why in the world does this 190-officer-strong force even exist?

    2) If there’s a need to improve the agency by making it “more pro-active,” isn’t that an admission that the last chief (the one who is now a vice president at the bloated transit organization) didn’t do that great a job?

    3) Will a more “pro-active” force take the investigative lead the next time the agency’s disgraced CEO George Greanias decides to visit adolescent gay-porn sites at work (instead of embarrassed management and politicos blocking any such investigation)?

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