Parker Administration moving to kill red-light cams (maybe)

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  • Houston critics see red over traffic cams – Chris Moran, Houston Chronicle

    A little over a month ago, Houston Mayor Annise Parker announced she was turning the red-light cameras back on and declared she did not need the City Council’s approval to do it.

    Then on Saturday, just three weeks after the city began issuing citations again, she released a resolution seeking the council’s endorsement to turn them back off and fight the camera vendor in court over breach of contract damages.

  • Council could outlaw red-light cameras Friday – Chris Moran, Chron Houston Politics

    Mayor Annise Parker has called a special meeting of City Council for Friday to consider outlawing red-light cameras in Houston once and for all.

    Council will consider repealing the ordinance that authorized the use of the cameras.


    Approval of the repeal ordinance Friday would be a point of no return in the on-again off-again saga, codifying in city law a prohibition on the cameras’ use. Parker made clear she expects a decision Friday with no parliamentary maneuvers to delay a vote.

The Parker Administration seems finally to have blundered itself into the right position on this, with the usual about-faces, lack of Council consultation, and general clumsiness.

ATS is probably going to be due some damages, thanks to former Mayor Bill White’s reworking of their deal. Let the city’s legal department wrangle with them in court over that amount if that’s what it’s going to take, but definitely get on with it.

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