All in The Family (Gayle Fallon-style)

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Four years ago, the Chron noted that Houston Federation of Teachers was keeping it all in the family by paying Gayle Fallon’s son a $4,000 per month retainer to handle legal representation of teachers.

Last week, Texas Watchdog’s Mike Cronin and Jennifer Peebles explored the topic and discovered that during a four year span, James Fallon was paid nearly half a million dollars for his legal expertise:

The Houston Federation of Teachers paid James Fallon III , the son of federation president Gayle Fallon, $477,687 between 2006-10 for “legal counsel to members,” according to disclosures the local union filed with the U.S. Department of Labor.

That is almost as much as the $521,755 paid to the other five law firms hired by the 7,000-member local union during that same time period, the disclosures show.

It also means the union paid Fallon more in legal fees than it paid its own general counsel, whose firm was paid just $232,000 in the same time frame, the records say.

Gayle Fallon and her son, James, both told Texas Watchdog that nepotism is not prohibited by the union.

“It’s not a conflict with us,” Gayle Fallon said in a telephone interview.

Thus sayeth the arbiter of “shining star” management.

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