METRO wants to add “civilian fare inspectors” to its payroll

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Over at METRO’s blog, Mary Sit addresses the issue of those who ride the Danger Train without paying. She said according to state code, only police officers can issue citations for not paying the fare. But METRO has an idea:

we are exploring the possibility of modifying the Texas Transportation Code to allow us to hire civilian fare inspectors. The earliest this could happen would be the 2013 Legislative session.

“Adding civilian fare inspectors could not only increase fare inspections but also permit better utilization of law enforcement resources with additional safety and security personnel,” said Rodriguez. “As the METRO rail lines expand in the coming years, we will certainly explore all avenues to effectively and efficiently provide for the safety and security of those lines. A hybrid approach using both police officers and private security is worth a look.”

What could possibly go wrong? With METRO, everything! But first, this is going to require a great acronym. Or scratch off cards. Maybe even a wrapped train.

Let’s just imagine this scenario actually comes to pass…does this mean METRO PD would finally be freed up to police bus stops and Park and Pillages. Will METRO look to Houston and its success with the Mobility Response Scooter Corps?

So many questions…

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