A poo poo update: City reverses “file a claim” stance

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So, apparently the city figured out this wasn’t the best response when a city worker caused serious damage inside several Houston homes:

A supervisor with Houston Public Works visited his home late Thursday night and informed him he would have to arrange clean up himself and file a claim with the city attorney’s office. The city will then decide if he will be compensated for the damage to his home and for the cost of the hotel room he will have to live in until his house is habitable again.

It’s still hard to believe that someone in a supervisory position, representing the city of Houston, came to their homes and told them to file a claim.

Now KHOU-11 is reporting that, although it took two days, the city is finally paying for repairs:

On Saturday, the city paid for workers to go out to the home and start repairs. They worked for more than 16 hours and now the walls are partially gutted and the floors look cleaner. While there’s still a lot of work to be done, Alfredo Nuno’s wife said she was appreciative the city stepped up to help.
“I’m happy with the people that are doing this job, I’m happy with the people that allowed them to do this job and like I said, I’m happy with Channel 11 for doing the report and helping us,” said homeowner Marie Nuno.

She’s probably right. Without a little local media attention, it’s unlikely the city would have stepped up to do the right thing.

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