There’s poo poo all over the house!

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Speaking of remodeling…a city of Houston worker accidentally caused bathrooms in two Houston houses to become “fecal fountains,” and left the residents with houses that need extensive cleanup:

Alfredo Nuno’s home at Greendowns Street and the Gulf Freeway was the hardest hit. The sewage exploded through his toilet and bathtub, showering the bathroom with fecal matter and spreading sewer water of various consistencies down the hallway, into his bedroom, and through the bathroom wall flooding his kitchen.

“They ruined my house,” he said while leading us to the rental unit in his backyard where his brother’s apartment suffered the same fate.

Behind that, a neighbor’s house on Southern Street received the same treatment. Ana Zamorano stood outside her rental home refusing to go back inside. The stench was unbearable.

Unbelievably, the city’s response is that the homeowners will have to fund the repairs and cleanup themselves, then file a claim for reimbursement:

A supervisor with Houston Public Works visited his home late Thursday night and informed him he would have to arrange clean up himself and file a claim with the city attorney’s office. The city will then decide if he will be compensated for the damage to his home and for the cost of the hotel room he will have to live in until his house is habitable again.

Time to call ServPro: “Like it never even happened.” The city’s motto would be more along the lines of, “We cause it, you fix it.”

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