Area residents bring The Stupid. Hard.

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Most often, the blog points out examples of local journalistic and/or governmental stupidity.

Today, we interrupt the blog “slowdown” to share three examples of general stupidity. Be sure to click over for the full stories/posts.

  • Package prompts Galleria-area evacuations – Newswatch/Chron.comLet’s set this one up. Guy orders some pyrotechnics (marine flares). Guy forgets. Guy gets a package labeled “explosives” in his mailbox. Guy freaks out and takes said package to fire station. Fire station personnel are alarmed, call in bomb squad and evacuate a good portion of the area. Bomb squad figures out what’s in the package. Guy goes “Oh yeah, I DID order those.” Or something similarly stupid.
  • Hoax Twitter Message and Call Cost Doctor Kruse His Cruise – Patterico’s Pontifications
    The quick version of the story is that a parody twitter account tweeted some “threatening” messages about the cruise the real doctor was about to go on (as a lecturer!), authorities went crazy thinking it was the real doctor but finally figured out he was legit, and there was no threat. And STILL, the Carnival Cruise captain wouldn’t let the doctor board the ship and give his lecture!If only METRO’s elite counterterror squad had somehow been involved, this would have been the Perfect Storm of Stupid.
  • Phony abduction report shuts down Gulf Freeway during rush hour – KHOU-11 News

    A 911 call about an alleged abduction that shut down the Gulf Freeway during morning rush hour turned out to be a false alarm.

    A man called 911 Thursday morning and said he’d been kidnapped. He gave a description of the car he was in and the location.


    Police now say the caller made up the story about the abduction.

    What fun that must have been for all the drivers!

Okay, that will just about do it for now. Some days, The Stupid — oh it makes us hurt!

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