2014 Pulitzers awarded; blogHOUSTON staff, Matt Bramanti still tied with Chronicle

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Winners of 2014 Pulitzer Prizes were announced this week.

The Houston Chronicle still has not snagged that elusive award, remaining tied with blogHOUSTON staff (and friend Matt Bramanti).

Over at 801 Texas Avenue, the newspaper is VERY excited that it had an honorable mention (their noxious doodler won an honorable mention a few years back as well, and actually won the prize before he moved to the Chronicle):

Houston Chronicle Metro columnist Lisa Falkenberg has been honored as a finalist in the 2014 Pulitzer Prizes journalism competition.

Falkenberg, the fourth Chronicle employee to be named a Pulitzer finalist, was among three writers cited in the commentary division. The winner was Stephen Henderson of the Detroit Free Press.

The Pulitzer jurists who reviewed the commentary entries praised Falkenberg “for her provocative metro columns written from the perspective of a sixth-generation Texan, often challenging the powerful and giving voice to the voiceless.”

Here is the panel of jurists who decided the Chron columnist merited an honorable mention:

Bruce Dold*, editorial page editor, Chicago Tribune (Chair)
David Callaway, editor-in-chief, USA Today
Monica Guzmán, columnist, The Seattle Times
Brian McGrory, editor, The Boston Globe
Angie Muhs, director of audience engagement, Maine Today Media, Portland
Ruben Navarrett, syndicated columnist, Washington Post Writers Group
James Newkirk, viewpoints editor, Houston Chronicle

* past Pulitzer Prize winner


The cover (entry) letters are posted for some of the winners. Maybe the Chronicle will post its cover letter.

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