Unca Darrell damns Bill King with faint praise

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Area blogger Unca Darrell notes that “unapologetically moderate” mayoral candidate and former Chronicle columnist Bill King, who has been spectacularly wrong on some of his assessments, nonetheless gets a few things right:

What is important is that Bill King is the kind of moderate who fully accepts the agenda of the left — with one possible exception — then haggles over how much spending, taxing, and regulation might, perhaps, you know, be too much.

The exception is Houston’s pension mess. Overpromising and underfunding pensions is a bipartisan sport, but Democrats are better at reaping political benefits. Mr. King wants to defuse the thing that is ticking loudly under our city’s solvency. And he might be the man to do it. Mayor White and Mayor Parker certainly failed.

Read the entire entertaining post here: If the mayoral thing doesn’t work out, maybe Bill King can find a gig as a comedy writer – Unca Darrell

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