Weekend brunch for 30 December 2018

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[WB1] We are heartened by the news that Pancho Claus was able to return to action over Christmas, following a heart attack earlier in the year. It’s a Houston thing. Ho ho ho!

[WB2] Harris County Commissioner (and de facto incoming county judge) Rodney Ellis imagines that the Texas Southern University area can be remade into Seville (yes, you read that right) with a few spiffy bike lands and goodness knows how much county funding. Incidentally, this sort of laudatory press-release stenography is typical of the local newspaper’s transportation reporting. Rah RAH!

[WB3] In other transportation-related news release dumps, METRO plans to raise vehicle occupancy requirements for some of the HOV lanes it manages. but promises “we’re not going to do this overnight.” Obviously, METRO didn’t want a lot of discussion on the matter, or the press release wouldn’t have been issues on Christmas Eve.

[WB4] Outgoing Harris County treasurer Orlando Sanchez tried to hold a press conference to call for a state takeover of HISD. A handful of thugs decided to try to squelch this political speech, with one even pouring water on Sanchez. Hyperpartisan Dem State Rep. Gene Wu apparently thinks anti-speech mobs (not to mention catastrophic floods) are funny, so long as they affect Republicans.

[WB5] In other tweeting, the perpetually self-unaware state rep showed his tolerant side by smearing the whole of the GOP as racist bigots. Twitter can be so revealing.

[WB6] The Houston Chronicle reports that people who are reliant upon the FEMA/Texas General Land Office partnership for Harvey-repair funding are, in most cases, still waiting.

[WB7] Bill King notes that the City of Houston has continued a recent tradition of sneak-releasing its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) while people are busy over the holidays. Once again, the CAFR (pdf download from the City of Houston) reveals that the city’s finances are unsustainable.

[WB8] Houston Public Media reports that Houston firefighters are planning to be engaged in 2019 mayoral and council elections. Be sure to credit HPM with the scoop!

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year! We’ll see you on the other side.

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