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[WB1]  The Houston Police Department’s Harding Street Massacre remained in the news this week. The Chronicle ran a story on cops who peeked at internal records related to the investigation and then found themselves under internal investigation. As usual, Houston’s police chief, who has opinions on all manner of topics that he constantly shares on twitter, “could not immediately be reached for comment.” Kim Ogg’s embattled office did finally manage to snag itself more funding for its probe of the matter this week. KPRC-2 reports that over a dozen officers have secured legal representation related to the investigation thus far.

[WB2] KPRC-2 checks in on the Houston Airport System’s huge international terminal project. The costs continue to balloon, and the project even employs two public relations firms, but otherwise there’s little tangible progress (beyond the water line fiasco).

[WB3] KHOU-11 reports the City’s fleet of solid waste vehicles is literally falling apart.

[WB4] Urban Reform notes that METRO is gearing up to spend just over $6 million of taxpayer funds to promote its upcoming bond.

[WB5] The Chronicle posted an interesting investigative report on where traffic tickets are issued in Houston.

[WB6] To the surprise of nobody, Mayor Sylvester Turner and the firefighters union failed to reach an agreement in their latest court-ordered mediation over their pay dispute.

[WB7] Bob Harvey, chief of the Greater Houston Partnership, argues that it’s time for the Texas Education Agency to boot the current HISD board and replace it with a “local board of managers composed of a diverse group of Houstonians who will prioritize our children and create sustainable conditions where clear-minded decisions can be made.”

[WB8] Noted Houston real estate developer Ed Wulfe died last Sunday. He was 85.

[WB9] The Houston Astros “won” MLB’s trade deadline this week, and it wasn’t even close. The big acquisition was star pitcher Zack Greinke, although two players acquired in another deal helped the team complete a no-hitter yesterday.

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