Weekend brunch for 10 November 2019

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Former Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart and his successor Diane Trautman, Ed.D.

[WB1] In the mayoral runoff, a bad mayor will take on an erratic, profligate lawyer who bought second place. The loser: Houston residents and taxpayers (probably).

[WB2] In the runoff for city council, 24 candidates will face off for 12 seats. In some of those races (such as my own District F), questions over the true residency of candidates are once again being raised.

[WB3] Houston voters opted for some change at HISD, but the state will be bringing much bigger changes. The winner: Children in the troubled school system (we hope).

[WB4] Area developers continue to engage in very sketchy behavior when it comes to MUD elections.

[WB5] A Harris County Democratic judge apparently took living the good life through campaign donations a few steps too far. She should have consulted Democratic Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis on how to stay on the right side of the authorities and still maintain a high-end lifestyle. Sometimes, the really inept practitioners of the Houston Way wind up as roadkill – but not the Houston Way itself, of course.

[WB6] As noted by local Democratic political consultant Marc Campos and Chronicle columnist Erica Grieder, Harris County Clerk Diane Trautman, Ed.D., oversaw a disastrous election counting operation on Tuesday (into Wednesday morning). Many of us were critical of seemingly slow election results when Stan Stanart oversaw the office, but he never had issues like this. As we noted last week, Diane Trautman, Ed.D., tried to engage in some pre-emptive blame-shifting (which didn’t have much validity). Now we know why.

[WB7] Houston Astros owner Jim Crane pushed aside Reid Ryan so that his son can learn the ropes of running the franchise’s business operations. Ryan, the son of baseball legend Nolan Ryan, oversaw a notable improvement of the organization’s business operations after George Postolos struggled in the role.

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