Weekend brunch for 24 November 2019 (dirty HPD cops edition)

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Screenshot of Joe Gamaldi's tantrum immediately after Harding Street Massacre (courtesy KHOU/YouTube)

[WB1] This week, the FBI arrested the two former officers (Gerald Goines and Steven Bryant) at the center of HPD’s Harding Street Massacre, along with the 911 caller (Patricia Garcia, previously unnamed) who (allegedly) put the deadly raid into motion with untrue allegations of activity within the couple’s home.

[WB2] While HPD has still not shared any results of its internal investigation of the Harding Street Massacre and HPD Chief Art Acevedo likes to portray the incident as the work of two rogue officers (when he’s not ducking press questions on the matter altogether), a Houston Chronicle investigation shows a much wider record of misconduct within HPD’s narcotics division.

[WB3] Who in the world is Patricia Garcia, and what did she have against the couple massacred during HPD’s Harding Street raid? KPRC-2, KHOU-11, and KTRK-13 all look more closely into her background.

None of it adds up yet. Keep digging.

Scary aside: An anonymous tipster turned in someone in my neighborhood this week for a clearly false reason in an apparent effort to get that neighbor “SWATTED”. Thankfully, nobody died in this instance – although HPD’s response was, arguably, heavy-handed, in light of the three federal indictments this week. What in the world is wrong with people who would abuse police resources this way?

[WB4] Additional revelations came out about former officer Goines during his plea hearing (in which he pleaded not guilty).

[WB5] Former Houston first lady Elyse Lanier defended the (allegedly) dirty cop, who has worked for her family, asserting that she trusts him with her grandchildren.

Of course, Houston’s ruling class doesn’t generally have to worry about public safety all that much. It’s normal people, sitting in their homes minding their own business and being maliciously and falsely reported to HPD, who have to fear for their lives in Houston. Certainly not Elyse Lanier’s grandchildren.

[WB6] Let’s not forget the words of HPOU president Joe Gamaldi (with Mayor Sylvester Turner looking on) just after HPD’s Harding Street Massacre:

To our knowledge, neither HPOU nor the City of Houston has ever apologized to the family of the murdered couple or citizens more broadly for this misinformed tantrum.

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