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Smoked turkey legs / Image credit: Linnaea Mallette (CC0 1.0)

[WB1] Last week, we noted that Rice Epicurean was the first significant Houston grocer to announce that it was eliminating its mask requirement for customers (see WB13).

As COVID-19 and vaccination numbers continue to improve, nationwide retailers such as Walmart, Costco, and Starbucks have announced they are dropping their mask requirements.

When are local outposts of HEB, Kroger, and Randalls (to name a few) going to acknowledge reality (and science) and do the same?

[WB2] Wednesday was a particularly deadly day in an increasingly violent city.

[WB3] Breitbart notes that (illegal) street racing has become a new form of entertainment in cities across the country during the pandemic. We know this very well in the Houston area.

[WB4] Mayor Sylvester Turner may be the luckiest Texas politician alive. He will be able to use federal money to plug a structural Houston budget gap of a couple-hundred million dollars, without any austerity measures whatever. Instead, spending will go up by 4.7% next year.

[WB5] The momentarily famous tiger is no longer at large in the Houston area. And Mattress Mack’s wife is now part of the strange story.

[WB6] The death of a Conroe boy during Freeze-ageddon, which inspired a lawsuit from Tony Buzbee (against the wrong energy provider, ERCOT instead of MISO – oops!), turns out to have been the result of carbon monoxide poisoning. Investigators believe the vent of the hot water heater in the boy’s home became obstructed, contributing to the death. Texas activist-journos earlier blamed Gov. Abbott and Texas government for an “epidemic” of carbon monoxide deaths.

[WB7] The Chronicle is unhappy with a crony-capitalist tax incentive program that they contend costs the state of Texas taxpayer revenue. Interestingly, newspaper sales are exempt from sales tax collection here, which also seems to cost the state of Texas taxpayer revenue.

[WB8] The Chronicle’s activist-journos have picked a side in the youth gender identification wars (biology apparently now ranks lower in terms of definitive science on these matters, for the activist-journos, than beliefs of children).

[WB9] Nobody does the glowing rah-RAH profile like the Houston Chronicle (Houston Farmers’ Market edition). Prediction: Despite the newspaper’s fawning, it’s probably not going to remind anyone of Seattle’s Pike Place.

[WB10] The Washington Post has discovered Houston’s Turkey Leg Hut. I will never understand standing in line for hours for food of any kind, but to each his own. The national newspaper, of course, has to note the “systemic racism” angle (because how could they not?).

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