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Democratic Harris County Criminal Court Judge Greg Glass, whose lack of trials and bond practices are drawing growing criticism

[WB1] Harris County DA Kim Ogg thinks there needs to be more public pressure on Harris County criminal court judges (from her own party) who continue to release violent offenders on bond.

[WB2] Harris County Constable Mark Herman also thinks there needs to be more public pressure brought to bear.

[WB3] KHOU-11 has gotten into the act, with a critical story on judge Greg Glass.

[WB4] The Houston Chronicle editorial board, on the other hand, continues to cheer on misdemeanor bond reform (which nobody is talking about). Talk about being hopelessly out of touch with a community and its concerns.

[WB5] HPD did announce the arrest of two dozen people who were allegedly part of an organized crime ring responsible for violent assaults, murders (including two law enforcement officers), and robberies.

[WB6] Harris County Assistant District Attorney Sean Teare is fighting the good fight against Houston’s deadly illegal after-hours clubs. Unfortunately, his capacity is limited and these clubs seem to propagate like rabbits in our increasingly lawless city.

[WB7] Meanwhile, the art collection of questionable ownership that Harris County taxpayers have been storing for Democratic county commissioner Rodney Ellis is…still being stored at taxpayer expense.

[WB8] Unnamed sources told the Chronicle that the DA’s office is investigating allegations of wrongdoing at the city’s housing department made by Tom McCasland against Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. Turner had hinted that the entire mess would be cleared up at a special committee meeting (it wasn’t – indeed, the meeting raised many more questions) and his communications staffer insinuated something about Tom McCasland’s in-laws and the Chronicle’s editorial director that never received any further attention from our intrepid local media. (Who are Tom McCasland’s in-laws, and what do they have to do with anything?)

[WB9] For some reason, the newspaper devoted a lot of column inches to the fact that subsidized special interests think their particular special interest deserves more funding from taxpayers.

[WB10] The same newspaper did run an interesting story on Houston being “ground zero” for fake temporary license tags, which is perfectly in keeping with the area’s ongoing descent into lawlessness.

[WB11] Progressives in America have become adept at “cancelling” (which is to say, removing from public discourse) people and topics with which they disagree, but they tend not to like it when those tactics are turned against them.

[WB12] Trump has been off the political and social media stage for a while now, but some people (like the Chronicle’s Future Poop writer) have had a lot of trouble letting go. Onwards, folks!

[WB13] The Texans had a zero-yard punt debacle in finding a new, creative way to lose this weekend. Definitely check out the video!

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