Weekend brunch for 17 October 2021

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[WB1] This week in our increasingly lawless county, a Harris County deputy constable was shot to death and two other deputies were wounded at a north Houston nightclub.

[WB2] KRIV-26 reports that at least eight defendants with multiple bonds courtesy of Democratic criminal court judge Hilary Unger have gone on to kill people. The station has added a handy link to all of their Breaking Bond stories.

[WB3] A Chronicle headline opines that “critics” think bondsmen are the REAL culprit in the surge in violent crime that an increasing number of residents blame on Harris County’s Democratic criminal court judges. In other news, OJ Simpson is still looking for Nicole’s REAL killer. *wink*

[WB4] Democratic Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo announced a plan to fight crime by planting trees and fixing sidewalks.

[WB5] Some City Council leaders have announced plans to look into apartment squalor that has accumulated (nay, grown worse) over the last decade or so. Democrats have run the City of Houston uninterrupted for decades now.

[WB6] Mayor Sylvester Turner has withdrawn his recommendation to fund the Huntington at Bay Area development. It’s still unclear how the former housing director’s in-laws were involved.

[WB7] Mayor Turner has chosen a new Solid Waste director. The Chronicle reporter apparently REALLY wants you to know that a city collecting record revenue should be charging you a garbage fee:

Houston’s department, the only big-city operation in Texas that does not charge residents a monthly collection fee to fund its service, is severely understaffed and cash-strapped compared to its counterparts.

This city only gets more expensive as the quality of life declines.

[WB8] The Chronicle editorial page ran an essay from a “genius grant” winner that contained these lines:

Records show that at least two mothers gave birth to stillborn babies in the prison. One, Pedra Mareno, gave birth to Anacleto Esquibel, but he died eight days later. His death certificate notes that he died “without medical attention.” Luz Rodriguez gave birth to a daughter whose life lasted just five days.

Those were not stillborn babies. Insert your own genius joke here.

[WB9] The Chronicle’s politics columnist thinks boys should be allowed to compete in girls’ sports.

[WB10] Two Chronicle reporters and staff writers do not like it one bit that Texas GOP leaders are considering giving homeowners a tax break by using federal COVID aid. The same newspaper badly lagged Holly Hansen and Greg Groogan when they broke open the story (see WB1) on Lina Hidalgo rigging the selection process for vaccination outreach to funnel federal COVID funds to a Democratic political operative with no experience in healthcare outreach.

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