Monday espresso: Links and commentary for 14 February 2022

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Let’s catch up with a few news links after Super Bowl Sunday

[WB1] Last week, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo did her best Sheila Jackson Lee impersonation by muscling in on a funeral service to put herself front and center. This week, she held a big campaign rally even as she continues to hold her backwards gage thingie at RED ALERT STAY HOME.

[WB2] A Harris County constable called out criminal district court judges for a disproportionate number of case dismissals (four times the number as recently as 2015, according to the report). It’s not surprising to normal people that crime surges when many dangerous criminals are left to roam the streets.

[WB3] KTRK-13 reports the arrest of an 18-year-old whom police believe killed one man, then went back a few days later to try to kill a  witness to the murder. The alleged killer was out on bond (of course).

[WB4] A nine-year-old girl was shot in the head in our lawless community as her family drove to the grocery store last week.

[WB5] Meanwhile, HPD has been playing soldier with the Department of Defense in town. Nobody can seem to explain the need for this or how it addresses any local problems or why in the hell it happened.

[WB6] Did a dirty cop within HPD tip off illegal after-hours clubs instead of shutting them down? Possibly, according to this report by KPRC-2.

[WB7] Former Harris County clerk Chris Hollins (who was appointed after Diane Trautman was elbowed out of the way, although the official narrative remains that she resigned for medical reasons) will be running for mayor. One hyperpartisan Democrat seems unimpressed. Neither Hollins nor the other announced candidate (John Whitmire) seem to have a clue about how to resolve Houston’s violent crime crisis.

[WB8] As murders surge and quality of life deteriorates in numerous ways in our area, Truth in Accounting reports that Houston has the worst taxpayer burden in the state. Does it feel like you’re getting your money’s worth?

[WB9] Nearly five years after Hurricane Harvey, Houston Public Media reports that thousands of Houston homeowners continue to wait for government assistance that may never come.

[WB10] Emily Foxhall reports on the Gulf Coast Protection District, which could eventually tax area residents to build the multi-billion-dollar Ike Dike.

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