Weekend brunch for 20 February 2022

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[WB1] Two men free from jail on bond were shot and killed in separate police-involved shootings this week.

[WB2] A 19-year-old charged with killing an 11-year-old boy was out on bond for aggravated robbery.

[WB3] The family of a teen killed in January after being shot over 20 times tells Isiah Carey they are receiving death threats.

[WB4] H-GAC, an unaccountable regional body that influences a host of regional policies and oversees a boatload of infrastructure funding, appears to be shortchanging the Houston area in its approach to flood mitigation using federal funds. Progressive urbanists, who don’t usually mind unaccountable government so long as they get their way, are VERY upset about this.

[WB5] The FBI paid a visit to the Houston Health Department this week, and may be focusing on a marketing vendor involved in COVID-19 outreach. As Bill King noted, the $900,000 reportedly being investigated is chump change compared to Lina Hidalgo’s $11 million COVID/patronage gambit.

[WB6] The Houston Chronicle has named a new vice president of finance and two managing editors. One of the newly named managing editors touts this experience:

Chang, who grew up in Houston, said she read the Chronicle as a child, specifically the new defunct “Yo!” section, which catered to teens and preteens in the 1990s. That section is helping to inspire some of her new work….


[WB7] The Chronicle editorial board managed to find something they don’t like about the way fellow progressive Democrats are running Harris County.

[WB8] Note the headline to this insipid Chronicle story: “Houston police urged to accept library card as ID for immigrants”

“By whom?” one is left to wonder after reading that (purposely?) deceptive headline. In the lede, we learn this: “Houston Police should accept the county’s new library card as a form of identification… a group of immigrants said at a protest Thursday.”


[WB9] An objective Chronicle reporter *wink* does a bit of emoting on twitter – but we’re sure he’s objective and fair and not at all ideological when he’s reporting and not tweeting. *wink*

[WB10] This is pretty good

[WB11] So is this

Happy Presidents’ Day!

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