Weekend brunch for 27 February 2022

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[WB1] Fox News notes that Harris County has some 700+ open murder warrants and 25,000 open felony warrants.

[WB2] The Houston Chronicle does one of its trademark glowing profiles of a new institutional source, Harris County’s new “criminal justice czar.” It’s as gushing as these embarrassing sorts of pieces in the Chronicle tend to be, but this line was (perhaps unintentionally) revealing:

A few weeks into his new job, he’s not sure exactly what his first steps will be.

Oh. That’s reassuring.

He’ll be making $250,000 annually (plus generous benefits) to try and figure out what he should be doing in a community where violent crime is out of control. What a deal!

[WB3] At least one US attorney has a plan to deal with the rise of so-called “Glock switches” used in violent gun crime in the Houston area

[WB4] A key takeaway from this KPRC-2 story is that emphasizing enforcement of traffic laws and increasing law enforcement visibility on the roads has reduced road rage crimes.

[WB5] Merissa Hansen asks if billionaire technocrats are using Harris County as a test lab for progressive policies (Yes and Yes, she concludes)

[WB6] KRIV-26 News looks at four Democratic judges who have a history of 1) granting bonds to men who keep committing crimes and 2) haven’t been holding many trials. Judges Chris Morton, Frank Aguilar, Abigail Anastasio, and Amy Martin all have opponents in the primary election to be held on 1 March (Tuesday).

[WB7] Judge Natalia Cornelio has also drawn attention from KRIV-26 for questionable bond decisions.

[WB8] A man was shot and killed inside a west Houston McDonald’s in Houston, reportedly over a spot in line.

[WB9] A law enforcement officer was shot and killed inside the former Sharpstown mall.

[WB10] A man was killed after a “transaction” went awry in west Houston.

[WB11] A barber was ambushed and shot after leaving work in west Houston.

[WB12] A man crashed into a building after engaging in a shootout with four bounty hunters trying to serve him warrants.

These last five items are just a sampling from another violent week in Houston – a wild, frequently lawless place these days.

[WB13] The Chronicle likes to run uncritical features praising Houston’s booming immigration importation industry – here’s the latest.

[WB14] The Chronicle informs that “most Harris County residents can safely remove masks indoors” – because, SCIENCE. Also, County Judge Lina Hidalgo flipped her backwards gage toy/thingie over to orange – because, also SCIENCE.

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