Weekend brunch for 22 May 2022

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[WB1] Texas Scorecard does a fantastic job exploring “the spider web of power” here in Harris County. Unsurprisingly, Rodney Ellis is right in the middle of said web.

[WB2] Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, whose top aides have been indicted in connection with an (alleged) contract-rigging scheme to benefit an unqualified political patron, has been having tantrums over the past couple of weeks, complaining that the Democrat DA is being mean to her. Said Democrat DA has effectively fired back that the county judge really needs to settle down.

[WB3] Incompetent and unqualified Harris County Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria (whose chief qualification for the job apparently was that she’s a loyal Democrat) once again managed to finish last among big counties in Texas for the most recent election. Republican Party officials continue to maintain that her plans for Tuesday’s election violate state law.

[WB4] The Democrats who run Harris County plan to spend toll-road money on biking and hiking trails, because… why not, they have power and can.

[WB5] This mayoral aide’s “government relations” work for the mayor basically amounts to taxpayer-supported political advocacy for Democrats. Is it any wonder Rodney Ellis and Lina Hidalgo decided they wanted in on that action?

[WB6] Someone is apparently feeling neglected.

[WB7] And for good reason – COVID is now endemic, and we’re all moving on and getting on with life (finally, and at a high cost for many).

[WB8] The local newspaper really dislikes the idea of a robust, honest debate over how much taxpayers should be forced to pay for illegal immigration and immigrants. This is evident in how virtually every story like this is framed.

[WB9] Amidst Houston’s crime wave, rampant inflation, a proxy war of sorts between Russia and Ukraine (and others, including the US), and baby formula shortages, the affluent elites of Houston’s well-heeled Villages have their own issues and priorities.

[WB10] KPRC-2 reports that city vehicles are unable to fuel at gas stations at the moment because their gas cards have hit their limits. It’s unclear why the City’s finance department let it come to this.

[WB11] Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez and Commissioner Adrian Garcia held a press conference to announce “Shotspotter” statistics for the past year. It’s still not clear what difference, if any, the expensive technology makes in addressing Houston crime.

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