Weekend brunch for 8 May 2022

Signs opposing the original Ashby high-rise back in the day (image credit: SkyscraperCity.com)

[WB1] Bob Rehak (of Reduce Flooding) follows his excellent earlier editorial on brain drain within Harris County government with another one, “Chaos” in Harris County Government.

[WB2] Right on cue, Harris County’s incompetent elections administrator (whose main qualification for the job seemed to be that she was a Democrat who needed a patronage job) again had troubles reporting election results from Saturday’s extremely low-turnout election in a timely manner.

[WB3] KTRK-13’s Ted Oberg reports that one of Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s indicted aides apparently couldn’t wait a full day before breaking his bail rules.

[WB4] A new version of the Ashby high-rise is coming soon! Former Chronster Mike Snyder reflects on the Ashby high-rise saga from years past (although he fails to point out Houston did eventually enact a “buffering ordinance,” as noted by Tory Gattis).

[WB5] City Council this week enacted a ban on selling or possessing a “cut” catalytic converter in the city without documentation, a response to the surge in thefts of the expensive vehicle emissions components.

[WB6] Far-right activist Steven Hotze, who was indicted for his alleged role in an underling’s assault and unlawful restraint of an air-conditioning repairman they believed to be engaged in a vote-fraud conspiracy, apparently had an amazing premonition while talking to U.S. Attorney Dan Patrick that such an event was about to happen.

[WB7] Harris County criminal court judge Maritza Antu, appointed last fall by Governor Greg Abbott, discussed her judicial approach with the KRIV-26 Breaking Bond crew this week.

[WB8] Andy Kahan is amused by an inquiry from Blake Fahrenthold while he was “investigating” Crime Stoppers for his New York Times hit piece.

[WB9] Finally – may Mickey Gilley rest in peace. Many of us are “newer” Houstonians who were not around during the Gilley’s heyday, but that heyday (culminating in the movie Urban Cowboy) helped to define the area for many (for better or worse).

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