Bad editorial board at middling regional newspaper makes bad mistake (part whatever)

The Houston Chronicle‘s editorial board — a poor collection of writers/thinkers at a middling regional newspaper — relishes telling readers how to think (and often letting many readers know that their Texas sensibilities are NOT shared by the all-knowing board).

We were amused today to see the board lecture Sen. John Cornyn (the state’s former attorney general and a former Texas Supreme Court justice) on how the Senate should handle President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland.

Note the references to Merrick (not Garland) throughout the piece:

Chronicle editorial board idiocy - 17 March 2016 edition

I’m sure THAT will impress Sen. Cornyn, and persuade him to change his mind!

Hat tip to Chris Bell for spotting this one.

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2 Responses to “Bad editorial board at middling regional newspaper makes bad mistake (part whatever)”

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  1. Marilynn says:

    Oh, I’m sure the lib-dingbats at the Kron really leave Cornyn shaking in his boots, right? LOL!

  2. A waste of a fairly decent “used-to-be” newspaper.