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Those of us who still read the paper Chronicle (someone has to!) are given the joy of checking out the “Quotable” in the paper’s Election 2004 section.

Tuesday’s entry is this wisdom imparted by former President Jimmy Carter:

“Some basic international requirements for a fair election are missing in Florida…With reforms unlikely at this late stage of the election, perhaps the only recourse will be to focus maximum public scrutiny on the suspicious process in Florida.”

Former President Jimmy Carter

Florida Governor Jeb Bush begged to differ with the former president, in spite of Carter’s expertise at monitoring elections, including his “successful” oversight of Venezuela’s recent recall effort.

Wednesday’s Chronicle doesn’t have a quotable, which is a shame because there was a really good quote the Chronicle could have used:

“He voted for the use of force in Iraq and then didn’t vote to fund the troops. He complained that we’re not spending enough money to help in reconstruction in Iraq and now he’s saying we’re spending too much. He said it was the right decision to go into Iraq and now he calls it the wrong war. He could probably spend 90 minutes debating himself.”

President Bush at a Monday campaign event in Ohio

Well okay, the Chronicle couldn’t have used this quote because the trend is to use quotes that aren’t favorable to President Bush.

But it was still a good one.

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