A followup we'd like to see on KTRK-13

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Jessica WilleyKTRK-13’s Jessica Willey had the following story earlier tonight:

Exclusive interview with woman accused of severing husband’s penis

We know there’s incredible pressure to deliver ratings in the tv news game, but is this really the sort of thing to trumpet as an exclusive (at least in a sensible world)?

We think for a followup that KTRK should get Marvin Zindler an exclusive with the man who’s missing his member now. We hear some of Marvin’s Angels are amazing plastic surgeons, and we’d definitely tune in to see Marvin triumphantly proclaim “Thanks to one of Marvin’s Angels, this man now has a prosthetic penis!”

Dave Ward‘s reaction would surely be worth seeing, too.

KTRK (aka “Houston’s news leader”) shouldn’t name me as an executive producer any time soon.

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