City closes First Ward streets to reduce train noise

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This is interesting: Houston has closed some residential street railroad crossings in the First Ward to reduce train noise:

Neighbors got the city to close three streets that have railroad crossings.

“As long as it doesn’t impede public safety and doesn’t provide any detriment to traffic flow then I think we’re on to something innovative here,” said Houston Councilman Adrian Garcia.

The closings will keep cars from racing through the streets, trying to beat the trains.

Perhaps more than anything it will reduce noise.

Engineers don’t have to blast their horns if cars can’t cross.

“Of course we’ll all appreciate less noise pollution and it being quieter, but I think the overall benefit for the community will be from the safety perspective,” said Allison Plantz, First Ward resident.

The street crossing will be closed for 90 days to see if it works. If so, three other street crossings a little farther down the tracks will close as well. Not a moment too soon for long-time residents like Margo Childs who has lived along the tracks for years.

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