Connelly dissects Chron comic strip

Image credit: Pixabay

Just a few years ago, the Chronicle apparently felt the need to insulate its readers from such tough language as “suck” and “damned.”

Now, Richard Connelly reports, the Chron seems to have relaxed a bit:

A couple of years ago the Houston Chronicle was refusing to use in quotes such terms as “suck” as a synonym for “stink.” Now it’s printing cunnilingus jokes.

The April 4 edition of the comic strip Get Fuzzy was based on a discussion of traditional holiday meals. “Rabbit? For Easter? What are you, crazy?” one character asked. To which another replied, “Christmas turkey. Thanksgiving turkey. Valentine’s Day beaver. Easter bunny. It’s tradition.”

Talk turns to eating leprechauns for St. Patrick’s Day, and the first character goes, “No, no n

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