HBJ writer slights own publication

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Last week, Thora Qaddumi wrote about a reunion of sorts for old Houston Post workers (and some competitors).

It’s worth reading in its entirety, but this blurb caught my eye:

Another hot topic among the panel audience was the largest corporate bankruptcy in business history.

Inquiring minds wanted to know why Houston was behind the national media in turning over the dirt on Enron Corp. Would the story have broken earlier on the local level if competing reporters at the Post and Chronicle were still putting pressure on each other?

Taking a sort of mea culpa position, Bischoff acknowledged that some signs were evident, but the fact that all of Houston was in love with Enron and nobody was speaking out allowed the story to simmer until the national media “parachuted in.”

Some time ago, Matt Welch chided national media critics for ignoring the Houston Business Journal‘s coverage of Enron:

The HBJ has been publishing scores of stories a year about Enron since at least 1997. Were they probing? Hagiographical? I don’t know, but in a five-minute search on their well-archived site I found at least three pieces from 1999 and 2000 that foreshadowed the company’s current woes. A media reporter and a media magazine should be ashamed of not even asking how the local Business Journal covered the biggest story in its own back yard.

Easy, Matt. Sometimes, HBJ’s own writers even forget about the publication!

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