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I rolled back into town last night from nearly a week of camping, and am pleased to see that Anne’s held down the fort wonderfully.

Indeed, her radio appearance was so good I might well be out of a regular gig! If you missed it, scroll down the right sidebar and click on the two segments. (Warning: the mp3 files are several megabytes each).

Following are some quick thoughts on stories I missed and am just now catching up on (some of which Anne has already posted about). I’ll stick it under the [Read More] button for those who aren’t interested in my random thoughts on what is now “olds.”

It’s good that the Chronicle editorial board thinks Mayor White is just swell and wonderfully free of scandal, but they also said nice things about the Brown Administration, which seems to have had serious problems with corruption if recent guilty pleas are any indicator. Maybe a little more analysis and less fawning would be good on the editorial page?

The editorial board seemed to think it was a great day for the Republic when “14 senators willing to work with members of the other party … decided which judicial nominees will be confirmed, which will be shelved and which Senate rules and traditions will be protected and preserved.” At least we can be thankful it’s not 14 members of the Chronicle editorial board.

A feel-good story by Annette Baird called attention to a homeless kid and an Ethiopian-born adoptee, both of whom will be attending prestigious universities in the fall and seem unlikely to break into Rick Casey’s home anytime soon.

Jordy Tollet’s pretty shoes weren’t able to sway the NFL Super Bowl selection committee, who may well have decided that it just couldn’t risk another encounter with the light rail. The train has now tasted blood, after all.

The Coven-obsessed Cragg Hines sounds hungry. Maybe he could help Ken Hoffman out with a fast-food dining column, because he’s becoming unreadable on the editorial page.

Kristen Mack penned an informative column on District C council candidates Anne Clutterbuck and Ray Jones, and their opposing views on the creation of a Southampton neighborhood management district.

The nearly useless Chronicle Dallas bureau weighed in with “olds” on an SMU per-course instructor and her blog, a story that’s been circulating for weeks. In contrast, Bruce Nichols with the Dallas Morning News Houston bureau regularly nails good stories here in town. The difference really boggles the mind.

Weekly Austin bureau chief and weekend editorialist Clay Robison doesn’t like the Texas Residential Construction Commission. Maybe the Harris County Democratic Party should invite him to speak.

And finally, Cragg Hines cribbed all sorts of material from bloggers on Sunday. But the bloggers are more readable. So the corollary to the point about Hines above is, read more blogs and ignore the Coven-obsessed bloviator.

Anyway, that represents my catching up on local goings on after nearly a week of camping. I’ll try to stop the reminiscing on “olds” and get some new stuff up tomorrow!

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