"Texas Viking" Fjetland talks politics, launches blog

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Mike Fjetland

Local progressive blogger Charles Kuffner sat down last week with Michael Fjetland, the sometime Republican from Fort Bend County who is again speaking of challenging House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R). Kuffner summarized Fjetland’s plans as follows:

In talking about what Pete McCloskey has in mind, the basic deal is this – if Fjetland can raise a decent amount of seed money, about $50K or so, McCloskey’s group will pony up $500K to help. They’re apparently serious about challenging the DeLay wing of the Republican Party….

As Anne Linehan has pointed out previously, McCloskey is a liberal Republican former member of Congress from California. He certainly seems to have put some interesting ideas in Fjetland’s head about the composition of the Republican Party by referring to a “DeLay wing,” since presumably that conservative “wing” is better described as the conservative Republican party of Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, and yes, Tom DeLay. It may well be that McCloskey longs for those glorious days of the permanent Republican moderate Bob Michel minority in the House — or it may just be that McCloskey’s thought has grown even weaker with age.

The last time we checked in on Mr. Fjetland here at blogHOUSTON, he was busy making a fool of himself. That was a while back, though. Local conservative blogger Chris Elam has written about Fjetland more recently, including today. Indeed, new blogspot blog author Fjetland must be spending a bit of time himself reading blogs, since Elam’s blog was added to Fjetland’s blogroll within hours of Elam noting the omission.

This could prove to be entertaining.

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