Chron corrects Memorial Day weekend op-ed

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The Chronicle has posted a lengthy correction to that erroneous op-ed that ran on Sunday.

I’m reproducing it in its entirety below, so that it won’t scroll away behind some firewall at some point.

An essay in Sunday’s Outlook section by Houston freelance writer John Eudy contained information that was incorrect. The essay, timed to coincide with Memorial Day weekend, described the capture of a Nazi flag by Pvt. R.C. Woods from the roof of the Reichstag building in the heart of Berlin at the end of World War II.

A family member told the Chronicle Tuesday that the family is in possession of the Nazi flag, signed by Woods’ fellow soldiers following its capture, but that they do not know where Woods obtained it.

In an e-mail to the Chronicle Tuesday, Eudy acknowledged his mistake. Eudy said his purpose was to honor the memory and exploits of a local soldier. The incident did not and could not have happened at the Reichstag building during the fall of Berlin to Russian troops.

The commentary pages of the Chronicle provide a public forum and often contain essays and articles written by members of the community. The Chronicle regrets the error in Eudy’s article.

Not to pile on too badly, but there was also a serious copy error in the piece, and replacing the original op-ed (which is now just gone *poof*) with the correction is not exactly the approach I would prefer.

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