Mayor White to reappoint Billy Burge to Sports Authority board

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Look what’s on the City Council agenda for this week:

REQUEST from Mayor for confirmation of the reappointment of MR. WILLIAM F. BURGE, III, as Chair, to the HARRIS COUNTY-HOUSTON SPORTS AUTHORITY BOARD OF DIRECTORS, for a two-year term

Two more years of the comes-unhinged-if-you-criticize-him Billy Burge.

He also is the president of the Grand Parkway Association Board of Directors.

Why does the old guard keep getting reappointed to these positions? Aren’t there any new faces out there? Maybe with some new ideas? Or an ounce of common sense? Or the ability to relate to the average taxpaying citizen?

I blame it on Houston’s cocktail-party circuit. No doubt that’s where these things are decided.

(Thanks to Tom Bazan for the heads up.)

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