Rep. DeLay makes the Economist, Hardball

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MSNBC ran a segment on the 22nd Congressional District race, including a long interview of Rep. Tom DeLay (R) by Hardball‘s Chris Matthews earlier tonight.

Video and a partial transcript are available here. In the television version, political scientist and bicyclist Bob Stein made an appearance. He was identified as a Rice University pollster.

The Economist also ran a story on the race in its most recent issue. This is a lowlight:

Another problem for Mr DeLay, assuming that he survives the primary, is Steve Stockman, a former Republican congressman who has entered the race as an independent. Mr Stockman will need 500 votes to get on the ballot in November. He has vowed to go after Mr Lampson, but since his politics are to the right of Mr DeLay’s, he may end up pulling support away from him. (According to the Chronicle poll, he could draw 11% of election-day voters.)

We’ve already established that among several flaws, the Chronicle/Murray/Stein survey almost certainly overstated support for Stockman because of the way he was identified.

Speaking of Professor Richard Murray — he makes an appearance in the Economist article:

“The best Mr DeLay can hope out of Washington is continuing bad publicity but he’s not indicted,” says Richard Murray, a political-science professor at the University of Houston.

They could have at least identified him as one of the people who put together the (flawed) survey they cited.

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