The end of the daily absurdity: Alvarado brings in heavyweights

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The Chronicle‘s Matt Stiles reports that embattled Mayor Pro Tem Carol Alvarado has decided to bring in the heavyweights to help her with the bonusgate scandal:

Mayor Pro Tem Carol Alvarado

Councilwoman and Mayor Pro Tem Carol Alvarado shifted strategy today, hiring a high-profile new spokesman and a famous defense lawyer to help her deal with her office’s payroll scandal.

Alvarado announced today that she had hired defense attorney Rusty Hardin and the Austin-based communications firm Public Strategies. A Public Strategies spokesman said Hardin would provide guidance to Alvarado during an expected investigation by Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal.

Alvarado hasn’t been implicated in the investigation into paycheck padding in the Office of Mayor Pro Tem, and no one has been charged with crimes.

Mayor Pro Tem Alvarado seems finally to have realized that her inattention to detail as Mayor Pro Tem may have a political cost, and that her prior communications strategy (“She’s a mute outraged victim!“) was laughable. Mayor Pro Tem Alvarado aspires to greater things politically, so this move is only prudent for her.

Those guys probably won’t come cheap, though. How much less expensive would it have been to exercise a little more oversight as Mayor Pro Tem?

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