Metro wishes you a Happy Monday! (updated)

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Passengers riding MetroRail today should expect delays due to a broken water line at San Jacinto and Hermann Drive.

The water line break has washed out support under the track at that location and will require repairs past today’s rush-hour service.

To avoid potential delays, Metro will be running double cars to handle extra passenger loads.

The only station affected by the break is the Museum District northbound platform. Passengers traveling northbound can get on and off the train at the Museum District southbound platform at Fannin and Binz.

No word on when normal service will be restored.

Random thought: I wonder how everything’s going on the “stray current” front?

KEVIN WHITED ADDS (about 4:30 pm): I crossed the light rail line at Wentworth and San Jacinto on my way home just a while ago. Since the METRO “transit backbone” is operating on one line, the signals aren’t functional. A METRO police officer was at the intersection stopping traffic manually when a train came by.

A METRO skeptic might conclude the “transit backbone” has a bad case of osteoporosis.

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