Food and drink roundup (04-24-2006 edition)

Image credit: Pixabay

Time for a quick and easy food and drink roundup.

Alison Cook does her turn reviewing Dolce Vita Pizzeria Enoteca and rates it quite highly.

Robb Walsh finds the normal hour-and-a-half wait at Ra Sushi gets shorter if the hostess is slipped some cash. Maybe there’s a real dearth of trendy restaurants on my fave list, but do people really slip twenties (or more) to cut in line at these restaurants? He also stops by the new Floyd’s Cajun Seafood House.

Dai Huynh goes crazy for peppercorns. This isn’t your mom’s salt and pepper.

Ken Hoffman checks out Papa John’s new Kong’s King-Size Pizza. Twenty four grams of fat per serving not enough for ya (yes, one slice is one serving)? He then tries the new French Toast Sandwich from Burger King, which rings in at 32 grams of fat. Do we really need fast food sandwiches made with fried bread?

And Lance Scott Walker makes Mocha Life sound comfy.

World Class, all of it. Enjoy!!

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