The ideal state isn't a very timely state

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A week ago, Chronicle reporters Matt Stiles and Steve McVicker broke a story on one cop whose income has recently topped Mayor White’s, thanks to overtime pay.

The Chronicle editorial board, having dispensed with that pressing matter of a Jamaican food recipe yesterday, finally weighed in on the matter of the HPD overtime pay today:

Arresting drunken drivers and securing their conviction is a laudable police goal, but it appears some Houston police officers have received extraordinarily large overtime payments for off-duty court appearances. The practice raises questions about HPD’s management of scarce law enforcement resources and department policies that may have encouraged wasteful expenditures.

Wow, it took a week to come up with that?

The ideal state certainly seems a little… slow.

And the ideal state seems a little insensitive, if the conclusion is any indication:

Chief Hurtt says the high overtime totals are unavoidable because of understaffing in the police department. Perhaps that’s so, but when the HPD indians are making almost as much as the chief for sitting in court, a financial sobriety test of DWI task force policies and procedures is in order.


Don’t they know that’s Native Americans? The horror!

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