Day labor center funding approved (updated)

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via KTRH-740:

A controversial proposal for a day labor site on Houston’s east side has passed a close vote at city council.

The finally tally was eight to six, mostly along political party lines. Councilmember M-J Khan was the only republican to support the labor site.

I can’t find anything on Councilwoman Wiseman’s amendment yet.

UPDATE: Chris Baker emails that he contacted Addie Wiseman’s office and was told her amendment failed.

MORE: KHOU-11’s story includes this:

But the new contract comes with a catch. The day labor site will be required to give these to people hiring workers at the site an I-9 Form, which is supposed to verify whether potential employees are U.S. citizens. But the city government will not require day laborers using the center to fill out the forms.

Gosh, giving employers I-9’s, coupled with Houston’s really tough stance on illegal immigration ought to make a difference.

How ridiculous. With this being the standard, what can American citizens get away with here in Houston, with this fine model to emulate? Surely Mayor White and city council are sending a message to Houstonians about law and order and the value of citizenship. And oh, what irony: on the same day Council approves red light cameras to catch all those renegade red light runners, Council approves a center that will cater to illegal aliens. Pretty much speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

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