Red light camera contract passes

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via KHOU-11:

Houston’s controversial [plan] to install red light cameras at intersections has passed through a divided Houston City Council.


Mayor Bill White’s administration worked hard to hustle up the votes for the plan.

It ultimately passed by a margin of 7 to 6.

Council members who voted for the plan were Jarvis Johnson, Anne Clutterbuck, M.J. Khan, Adrian Garcia, Carol Alvarado, Sue Lovell and Ron Green.

Those who voted against were Toni Lawrence, Ada Edwards, Addie Wiseman, M Holm, Shelly Sekula-Gibbs, and Michael Berry.

Councilman Peter Brown was absent.

Mayor White claimed the cameras will increase safety and save lives, but opponents argue that red light cameras are nothing more than an attempt to squeeze more revenues out of taxpayers.

American Traffic Solutions hopes to have the first cameras deployed in six weeks.

All of the yes votes are predictable, I think, except Anne Clutterbuck’s. Her vote is disappointing.

It will be interesting to see if any lawsuits are filed once the cameras are installed.

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