Houston's Environmental Summit

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Do you know someone who has improved the quality of Houston’s environment? Well, Mayor White wants to hear from you:

The City of Houston and Keep Houston Beautiful will be hosting the 2006 Environmental Summit on Thursday, June 1, 2006 at the Marriott Westchase, 2900 Briarpark Dr., (Key Map 489V). The theme of the Environmental Summit promotes Mayor Bill White’s environmental plan and vision of “Making Houston a Model Environmental City.” Registration for the Summit and nominations for awards to be presented are now open.


Awards will be presented to individuals who have contributed to or improved the quality of the environment in their workplace or community. Nominations are requested for individuals who have worked at least one year in an environmentally-related field. Award nominations are open to all businesses, industries, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, hospitals, colleges and universities having programs directly impacting environmental issues. A separate category for the community will also be recognized.

I’d like to nominate Banjo Jones for his informativeand highly entertainingemissions posts. Without a doubt, The Brazosport News has done more environmental reporting on a regular basis than any of our local media outlets.

There is some irony in Mayor White’s trying to make Houston a model environmental city since Houston was recently assessed an almost $1 million fine for unauthorized discharges from its wastewater treatment plants. Maybe the mayor’s desire for a windmill farm will help even out the environmental karma.

Also, the Environmental Summit will feature a Recycled Fashion Show…which just begs for a Ken Hoffman column.

UPDATE: A nomination for Tom Bazan has been suggested. =) I’ll second that nomination!

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