Food and drink roundup (10-27-2006 edition)

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It seemed as if it would never come, but it’s Friday. What a perfect day for a food and drink roundup.

Alison Cook gives us two reviews this week. Sushi is first on the menu (sorry) at Aka Japanese Cuisine out in far west Houston. The venerable Cafe Annie gets a look this week, too. It’s a big city, and it’s bound to happen, so Alison asks in her Chron blog what you would have done.

Robb Walsh has some interesting offerings. I neglected to mention this in the last roundup. He continued in his search for tacos de trompo by heading over to Taqueria Monterrey Chiquito. My diet has gone to heck already, so I’m going to have to make room for this before I come to my senses:

They call the sausage salchicha rioja. It isn’t exactly a hot dog — it looks like a fat red knockwurst. The pleasantly spicy red sausage is slit down the middle and the incision is stuffed with cheese, and then the whole thing is wrapped in bacon and grilled. The cheesy bacon dog is folded into a flour tortilla and garnished with avocado slices. For Latin American junk-food aficionados, this is a major find.

Yummy. He also tries Indika in Montrose. Finally, he does part Chinese buffet/part dim sum on the outskirts of Sharpstown’s Chinatown at a new location of Kim Son. At least, I think it’s the outskirts. That Chinatown area is growing.

Nicki Britton goes searching for the healthiest beef.

Dai Huynh marvels over the plethora of pomegranate products. Surely I’m not the only one who thinks pomegranate ale sounds good.

Ken Hoffman doesn’t help my fall off the diet wagon with his review of Dunkin’ Donuts’ French Toast Twist.

In other news, Diedrich’s Coffeehouse on Westheimer is shuttering November 6 to make room for an expanding hair salon next door. The booming local economy is helping local high-end restaurants see some profits. And Denis’ Seafood not only has experienced a management change of late, it’s going to get a new name as well. (Ah Houstonians. Take an infant to a seafood restaurant, know that infants aren’t supposed to be exposed to seafood, and then complain there isn’t anything but seafood on the menu. *sigh*)

And Kobain gets the attention of the Chron’s Clubs and Bars section.

World Class all of it!! Enjoy!!

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