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We’ve recently discovered Bayou City History, a new blog that looks to dig into Houston’s past in interesting ways.

Here’s a snippet from the first post:

Frankly, no one wants to hear what I think about President Bush, the 2006 midterm elections, or the global war on terror.

But then I figured I could turn this medium into something that would not only be educational but also fun.

You see, I’m a native Houstonian with an interest in local history. I’ve always been fascinated at whatever purpose some old, decrepit building served years ago. It’s amazing to look at one area of the city and realize that a century ago, it may have been a bustling residential area, an industrial center, or even an old Army fort. I always thought that there were still some forgotten pieces of Houston’s history just waiting to be uncovered.

I’ve already started digging. This blog will show what I’ve found.

The blogosphere doesn’t necessarily need another InstaPundit or Kos. However, we’re pretty fond of hyperlocal, niche blogging like Bayou City History. Check it out if you are interested in Houston’s past, presented in an interesting way.

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